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  Free Math & Statistics Homework Help
The calculators at this site support all of the below mathematical JavaScript operations in addition to the operations you see on the keypad.  
Some useful constants are the number e (Math.E) and the number pi (Math.PI).
Math.abs(a)     // the absolute value of a
Math.acos(a)    // arc cosine of a
Math.asin(a)    // arc sine of a
Math.atan(a)    // arc tangent of a
Math.atan2(a,b) // arc tangent of a/b
Math.ceil(a)    // integer closest to a and not < a
Math.cos(a)     // cosine of a
Math.exp(a)     // exponent of a
Math.floor(a)   // integer closest to and not >  a
Math.log(a)     // log of a base e
Math.max(a,b)   // the maximum of a and b
Math.min(a,b)   // the minimum of a and b
Math.pow(a,b)   // a to the power b
Math.random()   // pseudorandom number in the range 0-1
Math.round(a)   // integer closest to a
Math.sin(a)     // sine of a
Math.sqrt(a)    // square root of a
Math.tan(a)     // tangent of a
You can click on the calculator below and drag it to wherever you want it.
Example:  Enter Math.pow(2,3) and click =  to get 8 which is equal to 2^3.